I’m sure plenty of people say this about their best friends…

“My best friend is one of a kind.”

When i say it though, I mean it. And I get that there are billions of people on planet earth, and I haven’t and will not meet them all, but for the people in my circle, the people that I have been introduced to, there is no one like her.

She does everything that is expected of a best friend.

Hell she does everything expected of a sister.

People find it odd when I say this, but I feel like she is my soulmate.

Not in the, I secretly love her kind of way. But in a way that says I was supposed to meet her and to establish this bond with her.

She has seen me at my highest and my lowest, has never judged me, and is completely honest with me…. she sees everything that I wish I could see in myself.

And I can only hope I do the same for her.

So this post is just sharing a piece of my life. My best friend.

May our friendship last a lifetime.

One thought on “BEST FRIEND

  1. Okay hold on one sec while I BAWL MY EYES OUT. I love you and I feel so honored to be in your life. You do more for me than you realize! Thank you for always being there for me. ❤

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