“Kepsi, a witch from the Night Dreamer Coven brought this to us… She says, it’s a prophecy. THE prophecy.” Read She Shifter online. ONGOING.AVAILABLE on GoodNovel Now! Hard copies and ebooks coming August 2023. I pray good things are coming my way.


I CRY because I feel pain. I CRY because I feel strength. I CRY because I am broken. I CRY because I’ve rebuilt. The tears that stream from my eyes are made up of the emotions I can no longer hide. And when those tears dry, I have a new slate. At least for a […]


Support is a big thing. I have a whole post about it that I will put up in a few, but, before then, if you want to, check me out on my author page on IG. I’d like to think I’m a better writer than I am a blogger.


These last few days have been a bit busy for me, and not the usual trying to run errands, clean the house while being a single full time mom and worker. In the sense of my writing and getting promo work done, I’m all over the place. Writing is the go to. The dream for […]