You probably read this title and wondered what I could possibly be talking about. Everyone knows what a bathroom is, what its main purpose is but for me the bathroom is where I hide. I’ll start by saying I debated making this post for days. Just because of the fact that this post is going […]


Starting over is one of the hardest things a person can do, but it’s something that we tend to do on several occasions. The process is never easy, but somehow, through thoughts of doubt and exhaustion, we do it. I am starting over this week, with a few different things. It’s not as harsh as […]


Dear son,You’re sleeping now, so this will probably be the best moment for me to spill my guts out.There was a time when I couldn’t see myself wanting or having kids, and now, I can’t imagine my life without you.I look back and wonder what my purpose was. Sure, I had dreams and goals but […]


If you have subscribed to this blog, you can probably tell the things that I am most passionate about. From being a mother, to a baker, to a writer… If you have paid attention to the things I write, I am a rather lonely person. Sometimes I like it that way, and others, I wish […]


Suffering a loss is one of the hardest things… It’s the hardest thing to experience and the hardest thing to watch… This post is honest. It is true. My youngest brother lost someone he thought he would love for life. His first love. No, I said that wrong. He WILL love her life, but it’s […]


I remember the first time I was blamed for something. I think it was the first time I was scared as well. Or maybe it was just the first time I remember. The memory is like a movie in my head, a scene that I will remember always. Though when I think about it, it’s […]


With my return to work quickly approaching, I’ve been thinking about what I can do to offer some one-on-one time with my little one. Something that we can always look forward to together. So, I decided, Sunday Mornings, are for us. BREAKFAST They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And that […]


TRUNK or TREAT Though I wasn’t feeling quite like myself today, my sister convinced me to join her and my nephews at a Trunk of Treat. My initial response was no. My mood was telling me that I didn’t want to be around people today. I was okay with being at home, but the more […]


Have you ever had a Psychologist or a counselor try to put colors to your feelings? Something like… “What color coincides with what you’re feeling?” Well, today that color for me is red. I chose this color because I have a visitor. The kind you only see once a month. Along with the flow and […]