There is a calm before the storm.

A calm before all hell breaks loose.

It starts with small droplets that fall from my eyes, creating a stream of tears that began to pool beneath me.

That pool gets bigger and bigger, turning into a sea. A sea that I alone am trapped in. Each wave grows, carrying every worry, every emotion, tossing my body around like a ragged doll.

Inconsiderate of the way my limbs bend and fold.

I am weightless. I am nothing.

This water that was once just a tear will consume me if I don’t try to fight against it. But I am tired. I ache. I am fighting a losing battle.

I sink below the salted water, I hold my breath. My arms are stretched out towards the surface, hoping someone saw me disappear, hoping they’d rescue me.

I don’t want to drown.

How long can I hold my breath?

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