I told my son that I was sad, that I was having a bad day. I said it to him as if he would understand. He’s four.

Why did I feel the need to share that with him?

It was like a warning. I already felt the need to apologize to him, though I hadn’t done anything wrong. But just in case mom is too quiet… Just in case I yell about something stupid, just in case I’m lazy today, or you hear me cry…

“I am just a little sad son. I am just having a bad day.”

“Tomorrow I will be better. I promise.”

He says… “It’s okay to be sad mom. “

He hugs me and says, “I know you’re sad, but I want to tell you something. I love you mom.”

I am sad, and I am having a bad day. But because of him, tomorrow will be better.

I promise.

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