If you have subscribed to this blog, you can probably tell the things that I am most passionate about. From being a mother, to a baker, to a writer…

If you have paid attention to the things I write, I am a rather lonely person. Sometimes I like it that way, and others, I wish I had someone to share my good and bad days with.

Now, I’m not starting to talk about my dating life… Not yet anyway, but this post is about support.

Support is one of the biggest things I believe someone could give you. It’s something that we all want and crave but understand that it doesn’t always play out that way.

My dreams seem to require a lot of support. And the type of support that I am needing, isn’t financial support, but the type of support that is through very simple actions.

Let me explain. (I apologize if this is a lot longer than my normal posts, but this is something that is really on my mind, and I’ve been gnawing over how to share this, without it coming off as… Offensive, aggressive or something along those lines.)

I know books cost money. I may hope that friends and family buy the books I put out into the world, BUT I understand struggle. So, I don’t ask that of you. I let you make the choice. What I do ask is like the posts that I make, the advertisements and sneek peeks I put out there. Go to the comment section and say, “wow, this looks good. I’m proud of you. Good for you. Look at you go.” Something along those lines. Share, what I write. Even if you don’t put a caption, even if you have no idea exactly what the books is about… Expose me, your friend, your family to the world. The same is said for my treats…

Don’t read or take a bite and then tell me through text or call how amazing something was, how you really liked something….

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the praise, but in a way, it’s silent… You praise me in private but, have nothing to say in public. At this point, I tend to make up excuses in my head, or jump to crazy conclusions.

“Maybe I’m not good enough.” “Maybe you’re lying to me.” “Maybe you don’t support me openly because you don’t want others to know I am good at what I do.” “Maybe you’re jealous.”

People say, “oh, I forgot.” “Oh, I didn’t have time.” These are excuses. Because if you have time to share some video you thought funny, you have time to put your thoughts on your wall or story, if you have time to support the big named brands, or just someone you don’t even know…. You have the time for me.

With that being said, most days, I think the thoughts above, but sometimes have these other moments and I wonder, why am giving you the power… You either care or you don’t. You either truly support me, or you don’t.

I can’t hold you responsible for my reaching my dreams… Sure, it may be easier if I had gotten help from those who “support” me, but in the end, you’re helping me be strong enough, thick headed enough, to find other alternatives that don’t make me feel like a beggar or feel disappointment.

A day will come when I’m at the top, and I will remember who was really there… Who decided I was worth the time. Worth the like, the comment, the share, the read, the purchase, the review… And don’t act shocked when I say it wasn’t you.

I support those, who support me… Is that fair?

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