Suffering a loss is one of the hardest things…

It’s the hardest thing to experience and the hardest thing to watch…

This post is honest. It is true.

My youngest brother lost someone he thought he would love for life. His first love.

No, I said that wrong. He WILL love her life, but it’s the life that they spoke about having together that was taken from him.


Watching the goofy kid crumble before me, bawling, grabbing on to me for dear life… I never thought I’d see so much pain from him.

In my head, I never thought of something like this, and now that it’s happening, I struggle to be his rock.

I try to be strong for him, as I want him to be strong for himself and for the woman he loves… No matter if she’s not here physically.

To see someone shattered, broken… I wish I could give him pieces of me to put him back together….

Unfortunately, that is not something that I can do. But I can give him my love, I can give him my understanding, my patience, my strength… And one day, his pain will ease.

And to the young girl, taken away so fast…

Know this young man loved you with everything he had, he misses you dearly that he believes his life will never be normal, life will never be worth it again.

I apologize to you for not graduating and becoming all that you can be. I apologize that your time here was ripped away from you and from others. But the memories you left behind, the memories that my brother has shared with me, they’re golden. They live on within him, within anyone you’ve ever met, loved…. And that is a beautiful thing.

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