Not everyone has a Christmas Eve tradition, while some of us go all out and hope to perfect these traditions so they can be passed down the family line.

I really didn’t get into the idea of traditions until I had my son. And slowly, these things have transferred over to my younger sister and my nephews. And I can only hope that the day will come, when I am an old woman and can watch my great grandkids participate in things that I started years before.

We all gathered together at my sisters house. I’ve always been a big fan of Christmas songs with hot chocolate. We like the whipped cream high, and go WAY overboard with the marshmallows. And we always have a straw. Cookies are paired best of course, but this year my sister wanted to do family Ginger Bread houses.

Let me say this, my gingerbread house was shit.

But the joy I had of forcing it together with my son, getting through all the frustrations and then picking off pieces and stuffing into our mouths when it was completed, was the best.

I enjoyed every bit of it. And now, I hope it’s a thing we do every year.

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