Hey guys, I have a new teaser for She Shifter, and thought I’d drop it off here. Let me know what you guys think!


When I opened my eyes again, my beautiful Clara sat in a chair beside my bed as she did every afternoon. My eyes locked with her face as she seemed to stare off in thought. The look she displayed was concerning. I worked to clear my throat, and call out to her. 

“Ahem. Clara…” My voice is quiet but she responds quickly, falling onto her knees in what appears to be her night gown. Why would she come to me wearing that! It’s bad enough to have impure thoughts, but it’s worse to know that I can’t do anything about it!

“Sir Henry!” She immediately starts weeping. I was confused for a short moment, but then I remembered we were waiting to hear important news. Her tears told me that the covens had chosen to let me wither away. 

“It’s okay my dear Clara.” Her head falls forward into my chest. She is heavy and my bones are weak, but for her, I will struggle if it means that I can comfort her for this time. 

“It’s not okay…” she sniffles. “The coven has failed the Zyte Family. They have failed you!” I worked to move my arms over her, gently rubbing her back, wanting to see the smile that I loved so much. 

“My time…. has come to an end. That is nature.” 

“How can you be so calm about this!” She was taken back as she now stares me in the eyes, her face wet with tears. “They are to let you rot like you are nobody! Father Zyte is furious! He threatens to kill if he loses his son! There could be wars!” It hurt to think I’d be leaving Clara in this mess between humans and non humans. She rises back to her feet and begins pacing just as my father had down before. 

“Clara…” I started. “Is that why you weep so? You fear for your people?” 

“I fear the loss of you!” She speaks loudly and in annoyance. The loss of me? 


“I know how you feel Sir Henry,” she stops her walking back and forth, eyes staring down at her feet. “I heard your discussion with Father Zyte. Not all of it, and I didn’t mean to pry, but I heard you say you loved me.” I blinked. “I return those feelings as well.” 

“What?” She came back to me in an instant. 

“You are a great man! How could I not love you? Ha. How could you be so blind to not know that I fall in love with you, over and over, every day, it gets deeper. A longing that I could not satisfy if I lose you.” I wanted to lose myself in my happiness. She loves me. Clara Florence, a house nurse, a medicinal witch from The Grove loves me. This is a wish come true. Well, one wish anyway. My silence didn’t scare her away, instead, it drew her closer. So close, that her lips were upon mine in an instant. I didn’t use my energy to shy away, but I used it to kiss her harder. For this may be the only one we share. Her kiss was electric. Strength returned to my body as if she shook me out of this dormant state. Even if it was only for a few moments, it was worth it. It was everything. She broke our connection unexpectedly. I look into her eyes and I see a new determination. 

“What is it?” I am breathless. 

“I will not lose you.” Her voice is a whisper. She practically disappears, moving fast from my side and out the door. Where was she going? What was she to do?

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