So You Think You Can Dance

Step Up 3D

Step up Revolution

Step Up All in

Magic Mike XXL

These are some of the movies and a show that Twitch “Stephen Boss” danced his ass off in.

It got to a point where you’d hear his name or see his face, and you knew, no matter what the song, no matter who his partner was, he was about to fuck it up! (In a good way.) He got you hyped.

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, (all-star dancer tWitch Boss, contestant dancer Alex Wong performing a Hip-Hop routine (Season 7, aired June 30, 2010), 2005-. Copyright © 20th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved, Courtesy: Everett Collection


I was shocked by the news of his death, as were many others.

We are always told to be mindful of others, as you never know what someone else has going on in their lives. Everyone has some sort of weight that they are carrying, and most of the time, it’s a weight that they carry alone.

Show your love and support for the people in your life, the people around you… you could be their life line.

You could be the person that talks them down from emotions that are silently crushing them.

Let them know they aren’t alone.

A simple conversation, hug, kiss, I love you, could make the difference.

Just because they are laughing loud in front of you, doesn’t mean they aren’t fighting their own battles behind closed doors.

Please all, take care of yourselves. Reach out on the hard days.

Hell, send me a message…. I am here too.

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