Okay, listen…

I am going to get real serious about the relationship dynamic between parents and their older children.

Now, I don’t know if people are going to relate to this, or if this is just the way things can be with my family.

I just turned 29. I understand that I am still young. I understand that my parent has more lessons learned under her belt. She has seen more of the world, and experienced many hurtful and negative things in life. With that being said, I appreciate her passing on her knowledge to me.

HOWEVER, she must accept that these are just words. Yeah, I understand they aren’t too her, but not every situation plays out like hers. Or similar to hers. There are things that I must find out on my own, through having my own thoughts and making my own choices. I can’t scare away from the world because you had a bad experience. I can make the choice to continue on my own path, with your caution.

Some lessons I am going to have to learn on my own to fully understand the consequences.

I see that you tell me these things because you want to keep me safe, you want to spare me the hurt or damage that may follow. I am grateful that you care that much. But I must learn some things on my own. And maybe, just maybe, what was wrong for you, is right for me.

And if it isn’t, I don’t need you in my face telling me “I TOLD YOU SO”. I just need my parent to remind me that I am loved. To reassure me that it will be okay, that I am not alone.

Don’t make me feel like I am not allowed to make mistakes. Don’t make me feel alone in this world when shit hits the fan. Just be there with a hug and comforting words.

Don’t be harsh. Don’t be closed off. Don’t make me feel stupid.

There is much more to be said. I plan to post more about this dynamic. But lets just do it piece by piece so I don’t get worked up. Haha.

I am curious to know if all parents are like this. Or if any of you guys understand this post and truly resonate with it. Or a I alone in this?

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