Remember how I claimed to be a starving writer…. that is true, but this past Monday I was able to sign a writing contract with Goodnovel for my book… SHE SHIFTER.

This is the third book I have signed to be placed on this site, and again, I wanted to share the news with you.


SYNOPSIS: Being passed on from one foster home to the next, Sincere Rose hasn’t had the easiest life. She always knew the day would come where she could truly venture out into the world on her own, hopefully finding a place where she’d belong. The day she becomes an adult she faces the truth of who she is and what she is. Forced to hear the mythical stories of Shapeshifters, she has to fight for her life and the right to live it.


“Sincere….” He sings my name. “Are you hiding from me?” His words are slurring together. I looked at Sabor, as he was quick to grab my hand and move us further down the hallway to the attic door. I face the stairwell as he works to bring down the ladder. I felt him grab onto my shoulders, turning me the right way, pushing me so I could step up. I have to move faster. I can’t tell how close he is now. Once I was up safely, I peered down back at my hero, expecting him to follow me. To my disappointment, he worked to push the ladder back up. 

“Wait, Sabor, what are you doing?” I asked in hushed tones. My heart beat was wild now. It felt like it could break out my chest cavity at any moment. Sabor disregards me. “Get up here with me!” 

“I’m going to keep an eye on him,” he said softly. “It’ll be okay.” His attempt to calm me was poor. “Close the door.” The squeaks were clear as day now. He had made it to the third floor. I hurried and did what was told of me. I didn’t close it all the way, just enough where you couldn’t tell that I was peeking. 

“Aye you shit!” His voice was loud, walking closer to Sabor who stood tall beneath the attic. Beneath me. “Where is your sister… tell her I need her.” 

“I don’t know where she is,” Sabor lied, blinking at the intoxicated man as he stepped closer. He stood tall over Sabor. His skin was pale, sweaty as he stomped around the house in a dark blue mechanic’s jumpsuit. His dirty blond hair is greased back. The cigarette in his hand was just about gone, but the way he held it showed his black stained fingertips. With his eyes still on Sabor, he pointed up above his head. 

“She’s up there isn’t she?” Sabor stares at him, not answering his question. “Yeah. Yeah, I know she is. She can’t hide up there forever.” We all knew that was true. Eventually, he’d catch me. Eventually Sabor won’t be able to protect me. Sabors body was thrown against the wall, as the man of the house held him in place by forcing his forearm into the young man’s throat. Sabor huffed in anger, while the grease monkey flashed a teasing smile. 

“How long do you think you can keep this up? Perfect little brother protecting his sister.” Sabor glared as a cloud of smoke was blown in his face. I squinted trying to see what was happening as it seemed that Sabor was now struggling. There was a sound of groaning and hissing. It only lasted a few seconds, before the taller man was pushed back. 

“I will kill you,” he hisses, his hands shaking.

Want more?

Check it out on GoodNovel.

SHE SHIFTER is fiction/supernatural/romance, but if that’s not your cup of tea, check out the site anyway, as there are a lot of talented writers and genres of all sorts.

Let me know if you take the time to check it out. I’d love your feedback.

As always, comment, like, share, tweet… anything haha.

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