It’s that time of year.

HOLIDAY SEASON IS UPON US! (Well tomorrow haha)

Indulge in that family time, food, laughter, love… ALL OF IT!

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The holiday season brings a lot of different emotions and feelings out to the surface. Some are happy that they finally get to see family that they have been distant from, happy to stuff their faces and roar with laughter and share stories of life. While someone else may be grieving, missing someone or something extremely. Then there are those ones that just find the season stressful, lonely, overwhelming…

The list goes on and much further in detail.

The one thing I suggest, is to be mindful of those around you. You never know what they’re going through or feeling.

Though it should be something that is practiced every day no matter the time of the year, show people you care. Reach out.


Something sweet, simple and delicious.

Mini apple pies.

I’ll admit, I’m a cheater. I may make my own pie filling and glaze but I buy store bought puff pastry.

Apples, brown sugar, butter, lemon juice…among lots of other ingredients… the process itself is pretty simple and easy, and it’s not time consuming. I do a nice egg wash on top to give that yummy crust. And then I go over with a light glaze.

Now if you want something a little sweet, something with a twist. I make homemade caramel sauce and drizzle on top, adding some sprinkled pecans.

It’s amazing, if I do say so myself.


Now is the time to be grateful. Find the silver lining. You may not be where you want to be in life, but you’re better than where you were last year.

You may be without someone, but remember that you got to know them.

Look back at the good things, and look forward to the future.

Announce what you are grateful for.

I’m waiting with listening ears.

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