I’ve always admired those who have this undeniable confidence. They appear comfortable in any vibe and something about them makes you want to gravitate towards them. The confidence I’m talking about is not to be mixed with those that think they’re hot shit, but a humbling confidence. Let’s not get those confused. These people pass on their happiness, are extremely nice, considerate and respectful. They carry themselves in a positive way that is noticeable by others. And you can’t help but look at them and think…

“Why can’t I be more like that?”

Now, my best friend and I stumbled across a little coffee shop in Georgia. And there were these confident boosters written on the cups. I don’t know why, (though I’ve heard these phrases before) I was like… that’s a great fucking idea. I SHOULD take up space. I NEED to be myself. Sure it’s easier said than done, but I should give it a try. So should you.

I dare you to find your confidence this week. Even if you can only do it in short bursts… find it. Use it.

Wear that dress that hugs your body tight, showing all your lovely rolls.

Sing that song out loud, even if your voice cracks and breaks glass.

Speak up at your family dinner, let them know you have your own mind.

Go after that promotion, don’t let the nerves get the best of you.

Put yourself out there. Be seen. Be loved.

As the little coffee shop says….


Take the time to comment below, how do you plan on using your confidence this week?

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