As I said in previous posts, I am returning back to work. Well, I made my return on Monday. I’m happy to share with you my first day.


When it comes to starting something new, I have always been bad. It’s not that I don’t want to, but it’s the fact that I get so into my head and feelings, that I make myself sick.

Whether its a headache, or stomach ache, hell sometimes I even shake at the hands. It’s always been this way. From parties to the first day of school, I just have the worst nerves.

I always psych myself out.

And then, somehow I’m always disappointed.

I play things out in my head, and it never goes that way.

So I was surprised when Sunday night came and I was calm.

That was not normal for me. So then I started questioning what was wrong with me. And that’s a stupid thing to do; to suspect something is wrong with yourself because you’re not a nervous wreck.

Did I mature or something? Maybe I just wasn’t excited.


I am pleased to say that the morning, went really well.

Despite it being 5am, my son did well with getting dressed and eating a little bit before we were off to daycare. (It was one thing I was worried about. I was sure he was going to be an emotional wreck, but it was smooth sailing.

I arrived on time. I arrived in style, and dressed my best.

The welcome was very warm. Everyone was so nice.

The building’s aesthetic was very clean and professional. I almost felt out of place, but at the same time, it’s a place that I’ve always wanted to work in. Very fancy. Very upscale.

I’ve never worked at a place that had its own private parking garage. Fancy coffee machines. Cafe’s with chefs that make really good food, offering vegan, vegetarian etc. And it’s decently priced! I mean, I had a decently sized chocolate filled croissant and egg whites for $2.50. And it was so good, made fresh that morning. I can order from the menu, and schedule a time to pick up or I can sit there, in this restaurant environment.

OR, I can go play XBox or the Playstation they have set up in one of the large breaks rooms. Or play ping pong. Or sit in a private break room for peace.

I can also choose to walk around the campus, and enjoy the mountain views. I arrive just after sunrise, and leave just before sunset. It’s actually very beautiful; peaceful.

I’ll have to take some better pictures and share them with you!

The day was fast. Simple, as most first days are. I am still learning about my position, getting used to the training.

Only time will tell if this is a good fit, but I have a good feeling about it. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t so nervous. Maybe, I am supposed to be here. Maybe I’ve found where I fit, at least for the meantime.

I will of course keep you updated.

Thank you for sticking with me.

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